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14 Sep 2005
The Photograph CD is here! Go here to order yours today!

16 Aug 2005
The double-CD release of Photograph is now scheduled for August 30.

8 June 2005
Nearly all of Melanie's albums are now available on CD! Go to It's About Music to order them.

25 May 2005
The double-CD release of Photograph is now scheduled for June 28.

3 February 2005
Today is Melanie's Birthday!
An expanded 2-CD issue of Melanie's 1976 album Photograph is due to be released on the 10th of May.
Leilah, one of Melanie's daughters, is back on the music scene. After taking a few years off to raise kids, she now is signed up with a recording studio, and has a website of her own. Check out Leilah's site. Her sister Jeordie has a new CD, which you can buy on her site.

17 March 2004
The word is that Melanie's new album "Paled By Dimmer Light" will be released by Fall. A single from it, "I Tried To Die Young", is scheduled for release in the third week of May.

28 January 2004
Melanie's birthday is February 3. Happy Birthday Melanie!

12 November 2003
Very sad news -- Melanie's mother Polly passed away on the 9th of November. I never had the pleasure to meet her, but all I have heard about her was good. Send your condolences to Melanie, 53 Baymont Street, Suite 5, Clearwater Beach, FL 33767-1705.

31 July 2003
Read about Melanie in the Charlotte Observer here.

5 June 2003
See some pictures of Melanie at Lucky & Co. in the Netherlands here.

4 June 2003
Download Melanie's royalty-free song, "Till They All Get Home". Just visit her official site, or use the link below.
Till They All Get Home

To listen, click on the above link. To download, right-click on the above link, and select "Save target as", "Save link as", or "Save link target as" from the menu that pops up.

24 March 2003
Please forward to your local radio stations.
Till They All Get Home. I've spent a good part of my life on the road. It always seems the rest of the world has somewhere to go, while you have to invent a somewhere to go. I'm addressing humanity and people who's life has taken them from home ~ maybe even forever. I have a good handle on being far away. I feel for the soldiers, the refugees, and all who are trying to get home. Home is where the heart is, home is a castle with reasons for leaving and reasons take time.

Love, Melanie

'Til They All Get Home
(Melanie Safka)
2002 - Two Story Publishing (ASCAP)

Everybody is heading homeward
Or leaving for distance and places unknown
They're tying up their laces or fluffing up their pillows
Say a prayer 'til they all get home

Say a little prayer 'til they all get home
Say a little prayer 'til they all get home

I knew when we woke up you would be leaving
You knew when you left me it might be too long
That kiss on your shoulder, is me looking over
Close to your heart, so you're never alone

Say a little prayer 'til they all get home
Say a little prayer 'til they all get home

Home is where the heart is and home is a castle
With reasons for leaving and reasons take time
But we're in this together, so never forget it
Say a little prayer 'til they all get home

Say a little prayer 'til they all get home
Say a little prayer 'til they all get home

Make a commotion, make a little difference
Shake up the rafters and rock the boat
We're all in this together, so never forget it
Lets say a prayer 'til they all get home

For MP3 email littleprayer@melaniemusic.org

28 Jan 2003
February 3 is Melanie's birthday!

30 Sep 2002
Read about Melanie in The Charlotte Observer.

18 Sep 2002
Melanie will be on Atlanta TV on October 2. Tune in to "Good Day Atlanta" on "Fox 5" WAGA from 7 to 9 am on that day to see her. WAGA has confirmed that Melanie will be on in the 8 to 9 am segment of the show (but tape the whole thing just in case).

13 Aug 2002
Melanie will release a new album Crazy Love on September 24th. This is the final version of the pre-release "Victim of the Moon" that she has been selling at concerts and by mail. "Victim" is almost sold out, but there may still be copies available from David Boldinger (see below).

29 Apr 2002
The following is from David Boldinger of the Melanie Music Society:

WHRB RADIO TO PRESENT POP MUSIC HISTORY 72-hour Marathon Featuring Hits, Stars Begins May 7 Melanie interview on WHRB 95.3 FM Radio, Harvard University-based station covering all of the greater Boston area, plus the whole world on the webcast at whrb.org The Melanie interview will coincide with her music, which will probably run late on Wednesday 8th May 2002

Victim of the Moon
Introducing the new pre-release CD from Melanie, Victim of the Moon containing the following tracks: And We Fall 4:00 / You Call Yourself A Writer 3:52 / Jammin' Alone 4:03 / The Punishment Fits The Crime 4:09 / Center of The Circle 3:06 / Smile 4:46 / 'Til They All Get Home 4:00 / Right About Now 3:27 / It Hurts When Love is Deep 4:01 / Leftover Emotion 4:19 / You Can Find Anything Here 3:37 / Brand New Key 2:25 / Working Legend 3:17 / I Never Had A Clue 4:44 / You Don't Know Me 5:22 plus a 24 page booklet. Total playing time 59:16.
Produced by Peter Schekeryk, Melanie and Beau-Jarred Schekeryk. Recorded in LA & Nashville, TN, 2002.
All Music and Lyrics written by Melanie Safka, except I Never Had A Clue by Melanie Safka and Ken Lavoie. Published by Two Story Publishing (ASCAP) Two years ago, there were a number of e-mails from frustrated Melanie fans who were polled for their choice of songs, heard at Melanie's concerts, but never released, a good few made their way to this new CD recorded during the first quarter of 2002. This wonderful CD contains a perfect choice of Melanie songs, brilliantly performed and beautifully recorded, that goes a long way in patching the holes in Melanie's released repertoire, and also includes recent compositions. The excellent musical arrangements are very complimentary to Melanie's bright and clear vocals throughout the CD, it's impossible to pick a favourite from the fifteen songs - each done, in all respects, superbly. Victim of the Moon is unmistakably Melanie! You like good music - you will love this CD.
Throughout all of Melanie's albums, "Victim of the Moon" sounds the most 'commercial', with at least five possible singles that could be pulled from this one CD! This pre-release CD is a must-have, the very least it will do, is put a big SMILE on your face!
To order in USA or Canada:
USD $25.00 USA check payable to Rick Ziegler CAD $48.00 check or CAD $40.00 cash (or Paypal.com see below)
Mail to:
Rick Ziegler
PO Box 9033
Lancaster, PA 17604-9033
Or order outside USA or Canada: GBP 17.50 By Cheque or International Money Order (Bank Draft) drawn on a UK Bank in GBP pounds sterling payable to Melanie Music Society, Cash (or Paypal.com -- see below).
Post to:
Melanie Music Society,
7 Cranbourne Road,
Leyton, London, E15 2DB,
England, UK.

Price includes post and packing to any hometown all over the world. Include you full name and address including Post/Zip code and country in an email.
Include your e-mail address when snail mail ordering, so that a confirmation e-mail can be sent to you.
If you are acting for someone without their own email, please act on their behalf to speed their order.
Credit/Debit card orders through Paypal.com will be charged $25.00 in US Dollars wherever you are.
CDs will be despatched during the 2nd week of June 2002 if your payment has already been received.

If you are paying by paypal, send payment to david_boldinger@compuserve.com, or click here.

Other Melanie album re-issue campaigns (besides the "Photograph" campaign, below):
For the release of "Stoneground Words" (NRS-47005), "Melanie at Carnegie Hall" (NRS-49001), and "Madrugada" (NRS-48001), go to http://www.hip-o.com and click on "Contact us", and request these albums.
For the release of "As I See It Now" (NB3000) and "Sunset and Other Beginnings" (NL3001, email buddha.suggestions@bmge.com. Also, write to
Tim Livingston
P.O. BOX 85

It is believed that Rhino Records has the rights to Melanie's "Photograph" album. This year is the 25th anniversary of the release of this wonderful album. Therefore, melanie fans are encouraged to flood Rhino Records with requests to release this album on CD. To do this, go to Rhino Record's Rhino Handmade Suggestion Box page, and fill out the form, suggesting the release of "Photograph". Or email them at drrhino@rhino.com. Or write to them at

A&R Department
10635 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Better yet, do all three!

Melanie's daughter Leilah has recorded a CD album at Soundhouse Records in Germany. AW Music Productions is also involved in this. I will provide more details when I get them. For now, you can listen to audio clips here or see a photo of Leilah here.

Read a review of the 6ths album, "Hyacinths & Thistles" in The Village Voice. Melanie's song gets the best review of all!

A group called The 6ths (Try to say that real fast a few times) has released a new album called "Hyacinths & Thistles". It features several guest soloists, including Melanie, who sings "I've Got New York". There is a clip of Melanie's song here, where you can also order the album. Read a review here. Additional info here.

Pictures from the Bayfront Music Festival are up on their site now. Melanie's in the bottom row, in the far left and far right pictures.

Is Melanie getting an official website? Well, at least, it's a start, and the domain is owned by Peter Schekeryk (Melanie's husband). Keep watching the site, to see what developes.

Here are some photos of Melanie in her Provincetown concert. These are from a fan named Michael.

Read about Melanie in the Provincetown Banner. Melanie was also mentioned in columnist Gail Worley's column in the online magazine "Pandomag.com", August 2000 issue. Interesting reading.

Melanie appeared at the Libertarian Party Convention on Saturday, July 1, and spoke a little, signed up for the party, and sang "Freedom Knows My Name". To see the C-Span coverage of it, go to C-Span, and look for "5pm ET" on on the right side, and click on Watch below that. When the Real Player comes up, click on Play, then Seek to Position, and enter 0 hr, 34 min, 0 sec. (You must have Real Player installed on your computer.)

The Melanie community is saddened at the passing of Greg Bandy of DES Records on May 23. It was Greg who made possible the Borders concerts and the Live At Borders CD, and he will be greatly missed.

New Melanie site! Check out Robert Ian Smith's Guide to Melanie on Compact Disc.

Click here to read a press release from DES Records about Melanie's appearance at Borders in Ft. Lauderdale.

Happy Birthday, Melanie!

There will be a party and concert to celebrate the release of Melanie's new CD, "Melanie Recorded Live" at the Borders Books and Music store in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (the same store where the recording was made) on March 4, 2000. Word is that Melanie will be there. More details when I get them.

The release of "Melanie Recorded Live" has been delayed due to supplier problems. DES Records is estimating delivery on January 7, 2000. If you ordered a copy and don't want to wait, email Greg Bandy.

New Melanie CD! Melanie's concert of July 24, 1999 at Borders Books and Music in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, was recorded, and will be released on a new CD on December 11, 1999, to be sold at Borders stores nationwide. To hear excerpts from "Melanie Recorded Live", visit the DES Records web site. Melanie is accompanied by her children Leilah, Jeordie, and Beau-Jarred on this CD. Read a review here.
To reserve a copy, and have it sent to you directly from DES Records when they are available, send $14.95 for each CD plus $3.75 shipping per order (regardless of the number of CD's in the order) to
DES Records
Dept. MSS
1225 NE 4th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL  33304
This offer is for US residents only. If you are in another country, email DES Records.

Melanie will be live on German TV (ZDF) on November 1st at 20:15 (8:15 pm) local time, on "Aus Saarbrücken: Show Palast". She is also scheduled to be on another live German show on December 4th, called "Musik für Sie" which will be broadcast from the Bavarian town of Hof (near the Czech border) on MDR.

"Woodstock Delirium" is a videotaped "docu-comedy" of a 1999 rally held at Yasgur's Farm (site of the 1969 Woodstock festival). This tape features an interview with Melanie, and is scheduled for release in October. Advance copies may be ordered at the Woodstock Delirium site. See the site for more details. Word is that Melanie reveals her plans for next year's Woodstock anniversary in this tape.

Meridth Brooks and Queen Latifah have recorded Melanie's song "Lay Down". For info, go here.
Woodstock t-shirts are still available. See the Aug. 3 entry.

Listen to a short interview with Melanie on Radio Woodstock. Just click here, and then click on the picture of Melanie. This is in real audio format.


These are high quality, beautifully designed T-shirts (suitable for framing, I've heard). The first 100 shirts sold will be autographed by Melanie. I understand only about 1000 shirts have been made altogether.
IMPORTANT -- Get your orders in before next Friday, because the shirts are then being shipped to Bethel, NY to be sold at the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Woodstock on August 15th.

T-shirt sizes: Medium, X-Large, and XX-Large

Price: $25.00 (US DOLLARS ONLY) plus $5.00 shipping and handling in U.S., $10.00  shipping and handling in Europe.

Please make checks or money orders payable to, and send your order to:
Cadet, Inc.
4806 Pebble Brook Drive
Oldsmar, FL  34677-4819

Direct all questions regarding t-shirts to: jthompson2000@yahoo.com

I now have my copy if Melanie's new double CD, "Ring The Living Bell: A Collection", and it's great! Not only is the music great, but the interview and pictures in the booklet are almost worth the rather reasonable price of the CD set alone. Be sure to support Melanie and get yours soon!

See Wayne G's excellent Woodstock 98 Day In The Garden pictures of Melanie!
And see all of his pictures here!
More CD release news. The Rennaissance Records release of "Ring The Living Bell" is scheduled for June 27, and will contain 30 tracks. The Buddha release, scheduled for July 13, will be called "Melanie and Her Greatest Hits", and will contain songs from both the old Buddah and Neighborhood records. In the UK, a Polygram is scheduled to release a CD of re-recordings in August.

Some new Melenie CD's are in the works, scheduled to be released on these dates:
26-June-1999 -- "Ring The Living Bell" from Renaissance Records. This is to be a 2-CD set containing the best of the Silver Anniversary songs, along with some unreleased and bonus songs.
13-July-1999 -- "Beautiful People" from Buddha Records. This will be a best-of compilation with some bonus songs.
September 1999 -- A new material CD.

Bob Masse, famous rock poster artist, has agreed to do a poster of Melanie if at least 100 people show an interest in buying one. To see an example of his excellent work, click here. If you would like for him to do a poster of Melanie, email him at bob@bmasse.com, and tell him you would buy one. The cost would probably be $30, with $5 shipping.

I added "Melanie" 1969 and "Melanie" 1987 to the album and CD pictures.

Read about Melanie in the Baltimore Sun.

MELANIE'S, located in Tarpon Springs, FL is currently in search of front and back person/persons to operate business as per Melanie's original concept. The Victorian house was painted and created by Melanie and local artists.  The kitchen is fully operational. The warmth and unique charm translates to a great business opportunity for enthusiastic, inventive people.  Serious inquiries only.  Resume required.  Please email information to:

Click here to see my review of Melanie's "birthday bash" concert, and see pictures here.

Today is Melanie's Birthday!

Celebrate Melanie's birthday with Melanie! She will be holding special concerts on Friday Feb. 5th and Saturday Feb. 6th at Melanie's place in Tarpon Springs, FL. See details here.

Click here to see my review of Melanie's concert in Clearwater.

Check Melanie's Appearances for new dates (thanks to David Boldinger for the info).
This also is from David Boldinger:

"Melanie will have finished the re-recordings of about 40 of her songs on 22 January 1999."

"Melanie would like to appear at any 500 to 1000 capacity intimate theaters (Community Cultural Centers) or Festivals including Open Air throughout the US as part of her celebrations for the 30th anniversary of Woodstock, during March, April and May 1999."

"The itinerary involves Melanie traveling North from Florida Mid March to reach New York by April. Stopovers en-route should be for about 8 days at each town Melanie appears in. Mid West and West Coast appearances are possible providing there are enough shows for about 8 days."

"Please ask your Community Cultural Center(s) if/when they could make a booking.
If you require any assistance, please ask!
Please email Melanie_Safka@bigfoot.com with
* Proposed Date(s),
* Venue,
* Address,
* Contact,
* Tel No.
* Fax No.
* Email address
I will pass on the info."

"I have a list of some venues throughout the US with phone numbers should you require it.
Melanie will also consider appearing anywhere in Europe as well!"

I found another good source for Melanie CD's. It's Rockhouse Music Mail Express (Netherlands).

Melanie's appearance at the Tin Angel on 17 December has been cancelled, and a date in January is being arranged. See Melanie's Appearances for more information.

Here's an online CD store that has "Old Bitch Warrior", "Silver Anniversary", and "Am I Real or What". If the page comes up in German, there's a link at the bottom to change the language.

Covering Melanie
By now, many of you probably know that country singer Deana Carter has covered Melanie's "Brand New Key" on new new CD, "Everything's Gonna Be Alright". This led me to do a little research on who else has covered Melanie recently. Here are some other CD's on which "Brand New Key" is covered.
Jazz artist Urbie Green, on the CD "Bein' Green"
Rock group Rasputina, on the CD "Thanks for the Ether"
The Disney CD, "Disney Travel Songs" (various artists)
And Australian singer Max Sharam (that's a she, folks) has covered "Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)" as a single. It could be on an album by now (I don't have recent news on that).

See Melanie's Appearances for updated appearance info. Melanie's restaurant is still closed, but word is that it will open on November 1.

Mark Sumner has started a Melanie Email Discussion List (for discussing Melanie with other fans). To join, go here.
Melanie's beautiful LP album, "Photograph", is being made available as a CD. To order one, email David Boldinger of the Melanie Music Society, and ask him to reserve one for you. He will let you know later when and how much money to send.

I have up-to-date information on the Amnesty International anniversary celebration that Melanie will co-host. See Melanie's Appearances for details.

Johan Dijkhuis has changed the URL of his Melanie page to http://web.inter.NL.net/users/dj/melanie/. Be sure to change your bookmarks and links. His Collector's Corner isn't working at the new URL yet, so you can continue to use the old one for as long as it works, or you can use the Imusic Melanie BBS.

I have some pictures from the "Day in the Garden" Woodstock memorial concert in Melanie's Picture Gallery. Thanks to Richie Suraci for these pictures.

Looking for a track listing for a particular CD? There is a new web service called the CD Database, which is attempting to have track listings for every CD ever published. I put a link to them on the main page, at "Melanie's Discography".

Safka is on the web! Melanie's daughters, Leilah and Jeordie, collectively known as Safka, now have their own web site. You can buy their CD's there. Let's give them our support, and make them a success!

Here are some tenative concert dates for Melanie. See also the 1-Aug and 17-July entries for info on the Tin Angel appearance on 20-Aug.
    22-Aug-1998 (Saturday) at the 22nd Clearwater Revival Festival, Weschester County, NY. (Last year this was at Weschester Community College, but I don't have a location for this one. -- Pat)
    23-Aug-1998 (Sunday) at the Corn Festival in Beacon Riverfront, NY, with Pete Seeger, probably at 3 pm. This event is free.
    26-Aug-1998 (Wednesday) at the Turning Point, Piermont, NY. There will also be a Christmas show at the Turning Point.
This news comes from David Boldinger, Melanie Music Society.

Melanie will be performing at 10:00 am on Saturday the 15th of August at the "Day in the Garden" Woodstock memorial concert. For a complete concert schedule, go here. The concert will be webcast on broadcast.com. "To be there is to remember."

This page has a new easy-to-remember URL: http://listen.to/melanie. The old URL still works, and must be used if you want to access one of the sub-pages. For example, if you wanted to access the news page directly, you would use http://www.flash.net/~pswayne/melnews.htm. The new URL points only to the Flash Net site, not the Xoom mirror site.

The date for Melanie's Tin Angel performance was incorrect on their web site. The performance will be at 7:30 pm on Thursday, the 20th of August. I still don't know what time or if the Erie, PA appearance will be on the 16th of August.

I've found a place that has the Buddah Classics CD release of "Candles In The Rain" (including the song "Alexandar Beetle"). It's Music For A Song, and they have excellent prices, too. This CD also has two bonus tracks from "Sunset and Other Beginnings", including Melanie's beautiful rendition of "Almost Like Being In Love".

I've heard that Melanie's restaurant will be closed until October. The phone number there is 813-943-5009

Word is that Melanie will perform in a folk festival in Erie, PA on August 16th. It would have to be a morning performance in order for her to make the Tin Angel appearance in Philadelphia. I have no details on this, but will put them here if I get something.

Go here to see a really nice article about Melanie's restaurant in Tarpon Springs, FL., with a cool picture!
Melanie will perform at Tin Angel in Philadelphia on August 16th at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $18.00 plus a 1.50 handling fee (why don't they just say $19.50?). For tickets by phone, call  215-928-0978 between noon and 10 pm Eastern time.

Melanie will perform at this year's Woodstock reunion on Saturday, August 15th. There will be more details as I get them. There should also be details here later (but not as of this writing).

I have found three more sources for Melanie CD's. They are Cheap or What CD's (UK), Music Express (Germany), and Cyber CD (Germany). These have also been added to the Melanie's Music section.

There is a new Melanie page on the web. Go here to see Mark Russell Wymer's Melanie page.

I have changed my site to make it more user friendly for vision impaired people, by adding text links on the main page along with the button links.

I have added an article on how to care for and preserve phonograph records. Link to it here or in Melanie's Music.

I have added pictures from these albums: "Stoneground Words", "As I See It Now", "Photograph", and "Am I Real or What", and from the 1997 Turning Point concert.

I have purchased additional memory for my site, and in the next few days I will be uploading more pictures -- concert pictures and more album pictures, including the "Stonground Words" pictures.

My guestbook filled up (250 entry limit), so I started a new one. You can still read the old one (see the links on the bottom of the main page).

Well, thanks to this and most of the other Melanie sites providing a link to Vinyl Vendors, they are just about wiped out of Melanie albums (they still have some singles). So I'm going to reveal another of my sources: California Albums. They have an excellent selection of Melanie record albums, and the ones I have bought have always been of the highest quality. Here's the fine print. California Albums is an auction store. The minimum bid is $15. But I have always bid the minimum, and have always got what I wanted. However, that could change if everybody tries to get the same Melanie albums. Melanie is in the category "Female Artists" (also listed as "Female Rock Singers"), not in "Folk Females" as some might think. I think they're right, however -- she has a "rock and roll heart".

Melanie, along with local bands Dr. hook, Average White Band, and others will be performing at the 12th annual Taste of Pinellas outdoor festival to benefit All Childrens Hospital in St Petersburg, FL. Melanie's daughters' group, Safka, (as rumored by Leila) will do an opening set. All this should be happening around 7:00 pm on Friday May 29th, followed by a fireworks display at 9:00 pm. Admission is free. For details call 813-892-4193. (News supplied by David Boldinger.)

Melanie will be at The Turning Point (468 Piermont Ave. Piermont, N.Y. 10968) on Sunday 9-Aug-1998 at 5 and 8 pm, and on Monday 10-Aug-1998 at 7:30 pm. All seats are $22.50, and reservations are suggested. For more information, phone (914) 359-1089 or fax (914) 359-3219.

The grand opening of Melanie's restaurant/coffeehouse, which is called "Melanie's", will be on May 5.

Melanie is opening a Caribbean restaurant/coffeehouse in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Word is that she will occasionally perform there (probably at scheduled times). There will be a "memory wall" where people can place just about anything they want.

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