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Pictures from records and CD's. See a visual history of Melanie's career in record and CD pictures.

Pictures from Melanie's fans. Pictures of Melanie at her best, singing before an audience, and other personal fan pictures.

Pictures from Melanie's fans, part 2.

Pictures from Melanie's fans, part 3.

Fan Artwork. Drawings, Paintings, etc., by Melanie's fans.

Pat's Pictures. My pictures from Melanie's 1999 birthday concert at her coffee house (the Birthday Bash), and pictures of my personal Melanie memorabilia collection.

Pat's Pictures (part 2). The Borders Concert (March 2000).

Pat's Pictures (part 3). The St Augustine Concert (November 2000) and the Turing Point Christmas concert (December 2000).

Pat's Pictures (part 4). The South Florida Folk Festival (January 2001).

Pat's Pictures (part 5). Melanie in Charlotte, NC (August 2003) and Largo, FL (September 2003).

Pat's Pictures (part 6). Melanie in Charlotte, NC (February 2005). Includes video clips also!

Pat's Pictures (special). Pictures from concerts by other Woodstock Legends (and other Melanie contemporaries.

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