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Melanie -- Live and Alive
A review of "Melanie Recorded Live"
from DES Records
by Pat Swayne. ©1999
On December 11, DES Records will release "Melanie Recorded Live", a recording of her July 24 Concert at Borders Books and Music in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Melanie was accompanied by her daughters Leilah and Jeordi as back-up singers, and her son Beau on guitar and synth.

This CD is a real treat for the Melanie fan who has not been privaledged to attend one of Melanie's concerts yet. It will also be a treat if you have been to a concert, because it will bring back warm memories. It captures the "feel" of a Melanie show more than any other live recording I've heard. You'll hear plenty of Melanie's wonderful "stage chatter" as she explains how some of her songs came to be. And you'll hear those songs sung in the charming "raw" style that makes Melanie so popular as a live performer.

DES Records did a good job of mike placement and mixing on this recording. Melanie's voice is always the predominate sound, and she isn't drowned out by either the background singing or instruments, as sometimes happens on live recordings. And when she speaks, every word is understandable. The appreciation by the crowd is at just the right level, too -- not overpowering, but their presence is known.

If you only like polished studio recordings by Melanie, you may not appreciate this CD. It's hard to do a live show, and not make a few little mistakes, and I could hear a few in this performance. But if you want to experience some of the delightful atmosphere of a live Melanie show, this is the CD for you.

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