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Pictures from concerts, and other personal pictures
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 Pictures from a concert in Germany in 1975 (above).
Melanie in her rehearsal studio, in her home. Photos by Brett (below).

Melanie at The Turning Point, 1997. Photos by Dennis Miller.

Melanie and Beau-Jarred

Melanie and Dennis

Melanie at the "Day in the Garden" Woodstock Memorial Concert, Bethel, NY, 1998,
and at the 1994 Bethel reunion. Photos by Richie Suraci.

From the 1994 reunion (with Arlo Guthrie).

Melanie left her mark.
Wayne G's
Day In The Garden

Melanie at the Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, FL, Jan 15, 1999.
Photos by Peggy

Melanie on stage

Melanie greeting fans after the show

Peggy ("Peggy Oh") and Melanie

Peggy and Jeordie

The autographed play list

Melanie's place

Michael's pictures of Melanie's birthday bash, Feb 5 and 6, 1999
Photos by Michael (from Germany). Michael has labeled each picture, so be sure to click on each one and view the larger copy, so you can read his labels.


Melanie at Mays Chapel, Timonium, MD, Feb 12, 1999
Photos supplied by Sharon Bos, taken by her friend.

Melanie, Sharon, and Beau

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