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Build Your Sites with
Netscape Composer
    I built all of my sites using a combination of Netscape Composer and a little hand coding. If you have tried using straight hand coding, or one of those online site building tools that some of the free site providers have, and you have not been happy with either, consider using Netscape Composer.
    Netscape Composer is part of Netscape Communicator, and you can download it for free or buy a CD for 6 bucks. Here are some of the advantages of using Netscape Composer.
  • Near-WYSIWYG editing. Using Netscape Composer is a lot like using a word processor, and your page will appear on your screen nearly like it will appear when you access it online. And any time you want to see exactly how it will look online, you just have to click the Preview button.
  • Speed. You can throw together a new page, or update an old one quickly with Netscape Composer.
  • Compatibility. If you use Microsoft Explorer or AOL as your browser, the sites you build may look fine to you, but they may not look the way you intended to users of Netscape or other non-Microsoft browsers. But if you build your sites with Composer, you can be sure they will work on non-Microsoft browsers. You can install Netscape on your system and still keep Explorer or AOL as your primary browser.
    To download Netscape or order a CD, just click on the Netscape Now button. When the page comes up, click on "Download Here", or on "Click here to order!". 

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