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Melanie's Crazy Love Tour, Charlotte, NC, October 5, 2002

(Melanie has released a new album called "Crazy Love", and as of this writing, is still touring to promote the album. She did a tour stop in Charlotte, NC, and I went there.)

Well, I finally have time to sit down at a computer and, after catching up with the messages, review Melanie's Charlotte concert. Linda and I arrived about an hour and a half before the show, because we wanted to eat in the area first. We parked right behind Peter and Melanie's black Ford Expedition, and Linda spotted Peter coming out of the theater. So she rolled down her window and said, "We won't hit you Peter!", and he said he was going to get Melanie. There were already some people in front of the theater including a lady who worked with the theater, and she said she would reserve us some good seats.

We saw the "Smelly Cat Coffee House" across the street and a Cajun restaurant next door, so we opted for the Cajun place and had dinner. Then we went back to the theater, and the nice woman showed us to our reserved seats. They were good seats in the 3rd row on the end of the center section, but the guy that Dean mentioned who had "too many cocktails" was sitting right behind Linda. That was the only distraction from an otherwise wonderful concert. Linda was remarkably well restrained, and I won't bore you with all the drunk guy's antics besides loudly requesting a song. Suffice it to say that Linda has been known to bop someone on the head with one of her crutches, but she didn't this time. (I since have learned that the guy's mom had died recently, and he had more on his mind than Melanie.)

Melanie was in top form, and when she did "Smile" (a song from her new album) she had us all sing along during the part at the end. I noticed Linda singing along on another song or two as well, so I think she's been converted into a Melanie fan. She had a really good time, which is good, because the next day was her birthday, and here I was dragging her out of town to one of MY concerts on the day before HER birthday. But she really did have a good time, and will probably gladly go to the next Melanie concert in the area that I decide to go to. After the concert, it was a while before Melanie came out to visit and autograph things as is her custom. I suspect some of the "newbies" didn't realize she was going to do that, and left too early, because there really weren't that many people waiting around. Anyway, I had her autograph two copies of Crazy Love, one for Linda and I and one for Wendy. We talked a little, and Linda told Melanie how good she sounded -- more evidence that she's been "converted". I asked Melanie if she would be doing any shows in Atlanta, and she said she didn't know. I didn't see Peter anywhere at this time, so I didn't get to ask him. But we'll go if she comes!

Here's the concert song list:
Center of the Circle
Jammin' Alone
Rock & Roll Heart
Tuning my Guitar
Crazy Love
Sun and the Moon
(New song from a proposed musical, "7 Days")
(New song from a proposed musical, "7 Days")
Carolina in My Mind
Autumn Lady
This House
And We Fall
Brand New Key
Look What They've Done to My Song
Beautiful People
I Tried to Die Young (New Song)

I have no pictures posted for this concert yet. I only took a few still pictures, and some video (which I do not have permission to re-distribute). I may be able to make some stills from the video, though.

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