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Listen to Melanie! Click here to hear a Real Audio recording of "Ring Around the Moon". For instructions on how to download the audio clip from this page, see my home page.

Nearly all of Melanie's albums are now available on CD! Go to It's About Music to order them.
Note: The rest of this page is somewhat dated, and the links may not be good. but the album recommendations are. Just get them at It's About Music.

Pat's Picks
If you are not familiar with Melanie's music, here are my picks of recorded music you can get to start enjoying Melanie. These are all available at CDNow (except Photograph, which is not available yet), and, for your convenience, I have linked the title of each album to it's page at CDNow. There you can see track listings, and hear clips of songs on some of the albums.

Music Sources
There are actually quite a few places to find CD's and record albums of Melanie's music. I have links to several places listed below. But to start with, you may want to try promusicfind.com. They are a search site for several different sellers. This link will take you to their record and CD search page. Also, try This list of music resources.
If promusicfind doesn't have what you are looking for, or you want to try to find a better price, check  CD Now, CD Universe and Music for a Song for CD's currently available, and Vinyl Vendors, Record Club, Sonic Recollections (listed under Rock & Roll), or California Albums* for a good selection of Melanie records. Another good source for CD music is Booksmith/Musicsmith in Orleans, Massachusetts. They don't sell on their web page, but they do by email. To see what they have, click here to go to Rick Ziegler's links page. Some good foreign sources for Melanie CD's are 101CD (Canada), Rockhouse Music Mail Express (Netherlands), Imedia Musicshop (Germany), WMI Music (UK), CD Teleshop (Netherlands), Cheap or What CD's (UK), Music Express (Germany), Cyber CD (Germany), and JPC (Germany). A good domestic source for foreign and domestic CD's is CCMusic. They actually have track listings for most of their CD's! They list a "Candles In The Rain" cassette that has the song "Alexander Beetle" on it (hard to find).
* California Albums is an auction store. The minimum bid is $15. But I have always bid the minimum, and have always got what I wanted. However, that could change if everybody tries to get the same Melanie albums. Melanie is in the category "Female Artists" (also listed as "Female Rock Singers"), not in "Folk Females".

The Care and Preservation of Phonograph Records (on a Budget). How to keep the music alive on your rare Melanie albums.

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