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Mercury LP MG20943/SR60943 - "Girl Talk"

As with the first LP, this one was issued using the same piece of paper for the front cover of both Mono & Stereo releases. It was, again, mounted lower if the jacket was to contain a Stereo record, making the top band visible, or higher, if it was to hold a Mono LP, making the lower band visible. Please pardon the condition of these LPs. They are the best I have at the present time and will be updated when I get better copies.

To the right is an image of what the original Stereo front cover looked like. Note the black band across the top of the cover with the Stereo number.

The Mono front cover was the exact cover but mounted higher which allowed the Stereo information to wrap around the top while exposing the Mono information at the bottom.

The block below shows a comparison of the two different versions.

Front Cover

The Mono & Stereo versions of the back cover of this LP were identical.

To the right is an image of what the original back cover looked like on both the Mono & Stereo pressings.

Back Cover

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