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Mercury LP MG20805/SR60805/ML8016 - "I'll Cry If I Want To"

Original issue Mono & Stereo album jackets are very similiar. As with most Mercury pressings during the phase of issuing both Mono & Stereo copies of the same album, they used the same front cover for both releases. The top edge of the cover contained the Stereo information while the bottom had the Mono. If the jacket was to contain a Stereo record, the front cover was affixed so that the top band was visible. If it was to hold a Mono LP, then it was affixed so that the lower band was visible.

To the right is an image of what the original Mono front cover looked like. Note the black band across the bottom of the cover with the Mono number.

The Stereo front cover was the exact cover but mounted lower which allowed the mono information to wrap around the bottom while exposing the Stereo information at the top.

The block below shows a comparison of the two different versions.

Front Cover

Upper Right/Lower Right Corners

The Mono & Stereo versions of the back cover of the first LP were similiar, but unlike the front, both did not use the same cover. As illustrated in the table below, the upper right corner and entire bottom were different. The remainder of the cover was the same on both issues.

To the right is an image of what the original Mono back cover looked like.

The Mono/Stereo differences are in the upper right corner and all across the bottom. Those areas are enlarged in the three blocks below.

Back Cover

Upper Right Corner

Lower Left Corner

Lower Right Corner


There was a version of this LP that was released with a 'Promo Star' added to the left side promoting the song "It's My Party". That example is shown to the right.

This image is taken from a picture. When I get a copy of this LP, I will update this image.


When this LP was later re-released on the skyscraper label (with a different number), there were very few changes made to the jacket.

First, it was only re-issued in Stereo so it is like the Stereo description above with three areas changed: the upper right corner of the front, and the upper and lower right corners of the back. The three blocks to the right and below show those changes.

Upper right of front cover

Upper right of rear cover

Lower right of rear cover

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