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The Recordings of Lesley Gore

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This is the site formerly maintained by Vince Miller, to whom the community of Lesley Gore fans owes a lot of thanks for collecting this information and putting it up. I (Pat Swayne) have provided a new home for this site, and although I don't have anything new to add to it myself, I will add new information if fans provide it.

The newest part of the site is the list of video appearances by Lesley, which is still very incomplete. If you are aware of an appearance by Lesley in any TV show (of any kind), video taped concert appearances, movies, etc. that are not listed, please let me know at . A special thanks to Andy () who has provided the first initial list.

The discography of 45s and LPs should be complete. If there are any missing, again, please let me know. Or if you have a different variation in either the cover/sleeve or label or if you can shed some light on why such variations exist, I would love to hear about that too.

I AM STILL LOOKING FOR INFORMATION ON ANY PRE-RECORDED TAPES BY LESLEY GORE IN ANY FORMAT (Cassette, Reel to Reel, 4 or 8-Track). Information has been coming in slowly, but it is arriving.

Previous Lancaster, PA pictures Lesley in Lancaster, PA 24 April 1999.

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The US Singles
Lesley released her first single in April of 1963. The last one was released in May of 1986. During the 23 years between those two dates there was total of 38 regular releases from 5 different labels. That does not count the re-issues of old hits by various 'oldies' labels.

There were 30 on Mercury, 4 Crewe, 1 MoWest, 2 A&M, & 1 Manhattan. Follow the links to the right to view all details about these releases.

Here is a place that lists the lyrics to some of Lesley's songs and also guitar chords. And here is one of just Lyrics.

1963 - 1969
1970 - 1971
Mercury Non Mercury


The US Albums
Lesley has released LPs on six different labels. The majority of her work was released on the Mercury label. There are many different variations of labels and lots of work is still left to do to record all those variations.

There are also different versions of the same song on different pressings of a particular LP. I would like to record those differences. Do I have some volunteers who would like to contribute to this project? Do you know of a song that is different on the Mono than the Stereo release of the same record? Please let me know.

1963 - 1969
51 West


The US Tapes
This tapes section is sadly in need of some updating! I have included all tapes that I have (which isn't many!) and any that I have seen for sale.

So far that includes 4 Reel to Reel, 1 4-Track, 1 8-Track, and 8 cassettes. Now I know that there had to have been a lot more. How about we start with just some basic information and expand on it later? You locate that tape in your collection, send me just the NAME of the tape and the label it is on and I will include it here and credit you (at the bottom of this page).

Then after we get at least the existence of the tape recorded, we will begin to document the images as well. What do you think? Would you like to help?

A special thanks to Kevin Morris for his efforts and the use of his scanner in getting images of more cassettes.

Reel to Reel


Speciality items
This will be a 'catch-all' listing of things I find of interest and thought you might like to see. I have temporarily place the videography here until it grows enough to have a home of it's own.

Do you have a unique item you would like to add? Contact me and let's get it listed.

Test Pressings/Acetates
Juke Box EP
Specialty LP Items
Hip Pocket Flexi-Disc
4" 45RPM
Coke Items
45RPM EP & Flexidisc
Misc Paper Items

I would like to extend a special "Thanks" to the following people for providing their input to this project:

Andy Brian A. Bukantis John J. Grecco Charles Houser Kevin Morris
Jim Allio Kevin Cavanaugh   Ernest Kontz Philip Russo
Hugh Beggins Ken Cordeiro   Donna Meckly Patrick Swayne