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Page 3 -- Visitors' Pictures, part 2

Visitors' Pictures, part 2
Here are some pictures sent in by visitors to Lesley's Place
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Kevin's pictures

From 16 Magazine 1964

A Fan Club picture, about 1970

From a picture post card

From 16 Magazine 1964

From (?) magazine from 1967 or '68

From a women's magazine (probably McCall's), 1968

Biography from the play booklet for "There's A Girl in My Soup"*

An article by Jack Natoli, Fan Club President, 1969

From an Ohio newspaper, 1972

An article about Lesley's experiences as a new college freshman.

Lesley serving as chairman of First Time Voters for Kennedy.
Mark's Pictures

A beautiful promotional picture of Lesley.
*Lesley Gore stared with Bill Bixby in this summer stock play.
Fan Artwork
Paintings by award winning artist Lorell Butler

Lesley Gore #14, 1999
Mixed Media on Paper, 24"x18"

Lesley Gore #52, 1999*
Mixed Media on Paper (powdered macaroni cheese), 24"x18"

Lesley Gore #54, 2000
Mixed Media on Wood, 24"x18"

Lesley Gore #56, 2000
Mixed Media on Wood (Pepto-Bismol), 24"x18"
*Curator's Choice Award at the Around the Coyote Arts Festival, Chicago, Sept. 2000

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