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Lesley's Picture Gallery
Page 1 -- Pat's Pictures, TV and Movie Pictures

Pat's Pictures
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Lesley's family: Leo, Lesley, Ronny, and Michael

Quincy Jones and Millie Small ("My Boy Lollipop") with Lesley

Official Fan Club picture (1963)

Sheet music for "Hey Now" (It's L-e-s-l-e-y, guys!)

Cover of "Song Hits" magazine, September 1963

Article about Lesley from "Song Hits" magazine

Lesley in Life Magazine, April 9, 1965 (Click to see 1st 2-page spread)

Life Magazine article continued

TV Magazine featuring Lesley on Andy William's show (Oct 1966) (click to see text)

Article, "No Invitation for Lesley Gore" (intro pic)

"No Invitation" first page

"No Invitation" second page

Cover of Lesley's first album, "I'll Cry If I Want To"

From the cover of the album "Boys, Boys, Boys"

Lesley Gore's autograph (1964)#

Cover of the album, "My Town, My Guy, and Me"

 Cover of the rare 1972 album "Someplace Else Now"*

Back of "Someplace Else Now", with song list

Cover of the rare 1976 album "Love Me By Name"**

From the back of the album "Love Me By Name"

Cover of the rare 1982 album "The Canvas Can Do Miracles"

Lesley's current publicity photo***

Lesley at the Arista Grammy party (from Billboard 14-Mar-1998)##

Lesley's picture from "The Life" CD booklet
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*Every song on this album was written by Lesley (some co-written). Get one if you can!
**Every song on this album was written: music by Lesley, lyrics by Ellen Weston. Another great one!
***Publicity photo courtesy Mars Talent Agency
#This is from the back of my copy of "Boys, Boys, Boys".
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Pictures from Television and Movies

Lesley singing to Quincy in "Quincy Jones -- the First 50 Years" (aired Apr. 11, '98)

Lesley, happy to see Quincy again.

Lesley singing in the movie "The Girls on the Beach"

Also from "The Girls on the Beach"

Publicity shot from "The Girls On The Beach"

Lesley as "Pussycat" in the TV Batman series (click to see 4 pictures). courtesy D. Sutton.

Autographed script from "That Darn Catwoman"
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