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This is an unmoderated email discussion list where you can discuss Lesley Gore and her music with other fans. When you send a message on this list, it will go to all of the other members on the list, and you will receive messages from the other members. To join, fill in your email address in the blank at the bottom of this page, and hit the Subscribe button, then follow the instructions that come up.

Instructions for using the list (once you have joined):

  1. To put a new messages on the list, address it to LesleyGoreList@yahoogroups.com.
  2. If you get a message on this list, and want to reply to everyone on the list, just use the "Reply" button of your email program. If you want to write to the sender of the message privately, you will have to get his email address from the message header. Reply always goes to the whole list.
  3. When you reply to a message, it would be helpful if you could delete all of the original message except the part you are replying to. Also, you should delete the Listbot header and footer, because new ones will be tacked on when you send the message. Multiple headers and footers clutter up the message.
  4. If you want to read messages that were posted before you joined, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lesleygorelist/messages, and click on the subject of the message you wish to read. If this your first visit to the site, you will have to sign in with your Yahoo ID and password. There is a box you can check to have it remember you so you don't have to sign when you visit again. If you don't have a Yahoo ID, you can get one when you visit the site.
Rules for this list:
  1. No selling or solicitation of "bootleg" material on this list. For example, if you want to pay someone to make you a copy of "Someplace Else Now", don't arrange it on this list.
  2. No discussion of Lesley's private life. You wouldn't want someone to talk about you behind your back, would you?
  3. No vulgar or abusive language, please.

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