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A Tribute to Lesley Gore
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"We were so carefree then,
our hearts were on a cloud."
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 Updated 29 April 2009
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Who is Lesley Gore?
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Lesley's Picture Gallery
Lesley's Picture Gallery. Here you can see publicity pictures, fan club pictures, album covers, picture sleeves, fans' candid shots, and fan artwork.
Lesley's News
Lesley's News. Find out what's new in Lesley's Place,
and in the world of her music.
Lesley's Appearances
Lesley's Appearances. When and where Lesley will be performing.
Lesley's Reviews
Lesley's Reviews. See some reviews of Lesley's music. Would you like to write a review of a song, album, or concert by Lesley, or a review of her music in general? Send me your review by email to , and if selected, I'll include it in this section.
Lesley's Discography
Lesley's Discography. Find out when your favorite song was released. This discography lists singles, albums, foreign releases, and more. For a detailed look at Lesley's recordings, click here. For CD track listings, try the CD Database.
Lesley's Links
Lesley's Links. There is a lot of information about Lesley Gore on the web. Here is a handy place to find most of it. These links contain biographies of Lesley and other information, and there are links to other Lesley Gore sites here, also. Webrings are also on this page.
Lesley's Music
Lesley's Music. Here are some recorded music suggestions, and a Real Audio clip of one of Lesley's songs.
Lesley's Fan Club
Lesley's Fan Club. Find out how to join Lesley Gore's only officially recognized and approved Fan Club.
Lesley's Email Discussion List
Lesley's Email Discussion List. Discuss Lesley and her Music with other fans on line!

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