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20-Dec-2000 -- This site gets a complete face lift!

7-Nov-2000 -- Crystal's newest CD, "In My Arms", an album of children's songs, is available now. Read about it on Crystal's site here. You can also download MP3 files from the album on her site.

27-Jan-2000 -- Crystal's new album made Album Of The Week in the Jan. 24 issue of People Magazine.
Here is an article about Crystal and her new album at Country.com.

1-Dec-1999 -- Check out this interview with Crystal at the CountryCool.com site. (Crystal doing heavy metal? Hmmm...)

2-Oct-1999 -- Crystal's new CD, "Crystal Gayle Sings the Heart and Soul of Hoagy Carmichael" will be in stores October 19th.

2-Oct-1998 -- My favorite Crystal Gayle CD (The Best of Crystal Gayle -- Talking In Your Sleep) is now available from CD Music Store. To find it, just go to the Music Search box at the bottom of this page, Type in Crystal Gayle, and hit the Search button. The CD will be under "Imports".

1-Oct-1998 -- Here is a German Magazine's review of a Crystal Gayle concert.

29-Sep-1998 -- Word is that Crystal's standards album has been delayed, and that crystal's next album will be a collection of lullabyes. (Her voice ought to be perfect for that). This info comes from a fan, and is not "official".

26-Aug-1998 -- Crystal's brother, Herman Webb, had tripple bypass heart surgery today. Word is that he is recovering well. You can send cards to
Herman Webb
c/o St. Joseph's Hospital
1  St. Joseph Drive
Lexington, KY  40504

24-Aug-1998 -- Looking for a track listing for a particular CD? There is a new web service called the CD Database, which is attempting to have track listings for every CD ever published. I have also put a link to them at "Crystal Gayle's Discography".

12-Aug-1998 -- This site now has a new easy-to-remember URL, http://listen.to/crystalgayle. The old URL still works also. The new URL accesses the patswayne.com site only, not the Xoom mirror site.

17-July-1998 -- Crystal Gayle's web page is now on line!

13-July-1998 -- There's another Crystal Gayle page on the web. See Crystal Gayle Home Pages, below. Crystal's own homepage, http://www.crystalgayle.com, is scheduled to open later this week.

17-June-1998 -- My guestbook filled up, so I made a new one. You can still view the old one.

30-May-1998 -- More links added (to biography and home page sections).

7-May-1998 -- Crystal Gayle's own official site, www.crystalgayle.com, will be operational soon.

30-Apr-1998 -- Check out this review of the Fizz version of "When I Dream".

22-Apr-1998 -- Here's your chance to tell the world how beautiful you think Crystal is. Enter her in the People Magazine beautiful people pole. She's not in the list, so you will have to type her in. Be sure to type her name as Crystal Gayle (spelling and case are important).

10-Apr-1998 -- Here is a link to a beautiful new Tammy Wynette page.

7-Apr-1998 -- Country music legend Tammy Wynette passed away yesterday. She will be missed. You can post messages of condolence here.

6-Apr-1998 -- I have added a discography (albums and compilations), just below this news section.

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