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There's a lot more than country in Crystal!

If you are not familiar with the music of Crystal Gayle, you may be under the impression that she is strictly a country music singer. Actually, about half of her recordings fit better in the pop-rock category, and she also loves blues and pre-rock pop classics. She has a magnificent voice, and gives a smoothness and sophistication to everything she sings. She is not afraid to experiment with any style of music, as was proved by the Fizz recording of "When I Dream" a couple of years ago.

Click here to play a Real Audio clip of Crystal singing "Let Your Feelings Show". This is a light pop-rock tune typical of many Crystal has done.

To introduce yourself to the beauty of Crystal Gayle's music, go to your favorite well-stocked recorded music store and get one of the many Crystal Gayle hits collections. One I recommend is Crystal's "Best Always" CD (on the Branson Entertainment label -- a division of Intersound), because it is available and inexpensive. I recommend the following cuts from this CD: "Ready for the Times to Get Better", "For the Good Times", "When I Dream", "Talkin' In Your Sleep", "Beyond You", and "Always". Once you hooked, I think you will find that any Crystal Gayle CD you can find will have songs you will treasure. If you like a livelier tempo, try these songs: "Turning Away", "Only Love Can Save Me Now", "Straight to the Heart", and "Our Love is On the Faultline", available on various CD's. If you shop on-line, you'll find a good selection of Crystal's music from her earliest recordings until now through GEMM, an excellent music search site. And, of course, check Crystal's own site for music too.

For a real treat, there is a British-produced Crystal Gayle CD called "The Best of Crystal Gayle -- Talking In Your Sleep" (not to be confused with other "Best Of" CD's) that contains 23 beautiful songs, some of which, if you only think of her as a country singer,  you'd never connect with Crystal Gayle. The songs on this CD include "God Bless the Child", "Ain't No Sunshine", "Crying in the Rain", and the beautiful duet, "Love Found Me", sung with Dennis Locorriere. Many online CD stores such as CD Now have it, and you'll find that for the price, it's a real bargain. If you would like to try to find this CD in a walk-in store, it is on the Pulse label, the number on it is PLS CD 122, and the picture on it looks like this.

The Care and Preservation of Phonograph Records (on a Budget). Read the information at this link to find out how to keep the music alive on your rare Crystal Gayle albums.

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