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Do you have a question for other Crystal fans? Or a bit of information you think they can use? There are two ways you can get your question or information out. You can post your message on a forum (or message board) for all who visit the forum to see, or you can join the Crystal Gayle email list. The messages you send to the list will be seen by other list members. Here are the forums and list available.

Crystal Gayle eGroup email list. Click on Subscribe when you get to the Crystal eGroup site if you are not a member. If you are a member of another eGroup, you can use that group's email address and password to join this one.
If you are a member of this eGroup, click on Sign In when you go to the site, and click the Remember Me checkbox so you won't have to sign in again when you visit the site.
Once you are a member, you can write to the other members by emailing to crystal@egroups.com. The list is moderated, so your message will be sent after the moderator approves it. There are other activities available to members besides emailing to the list, available at the site, so be sure to check it out.

The VantageNet Crystal Gayle forum. If that link doesn't work, try this one. This forum is a good place to ask questions like what album is a particular song from, or where to find rare recordings.

The Artist Direct Crystal Gayle Message Board. Another place where you can post messages about Crystal for all to see. This board seems to be used mostly for fans looking for rare recordings, or for letting others know that they have rare recordings to trade or sell.

The Classic Crystal Message Board. This is the message board from the Classic Crystal Corner website. It's another place to ask questions and get or give answers.

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